Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The French maid's tale....C'est la vie!

She had an infectious ‘joie de vivre’
Despite her simple job as a ‘femme de ménage’
She lived right above the nearby ‘boulangerie’
With her father, the hotel ‘jardinier’

Each task was met with a smiling ‘Pas de probleme’
Like she had accepted her lot in life – ‘Que sera sera’
You could tell she was certainly ‘crème de la crème’
Life had just dealt her a raw deal – ‘Quelle tristesse’

The rooms she cleaned were the most sought-after ‘chambres’
Her customers always welcomed her with a bright ‘Bonjour’
She never forgot to say ‘Merci’ and ‘S’il vous plait’
One even offered her a job as an ‘Au pair’!

A new boss arrived, he kept acting like the ‘Nouveau riche’
He tried to be posh, but you could tell he was ‘classe inférieure’
Strutting around the place like a complete ‘poseur’
No-one really liked him, he was quite ‘plus Royaliste que le Roi!’

One day, he invited her up to his room for a private ‘tete-a-tete’
And then quickly requested a ‘ménage a trios’
She was so shocked she stuttered ‘Pardon?’
And he reiterated with a ‘Voulez vous couchez avec moi, ce soir?’

She ran out of the room shouting ‘Oh Mon Dieu’
Surely, there was nothing sexy about her simple ‘tablier’?
He must have thought she was a guaranteed ‘fait accompli’
But how could he - ‘Quel acte de diablerie!’

He mistook her and her ‘douceur de vivre’
For a wild and wanton ‘fille de joie’
Well, she’ll never have to smell his cheap ‘Eau de Cologne’
And you, Monsieur will never see her smiley face again – ‘C’est dommage’

Because today you robbed her of her very essence – her unique ‘personalité’
You made her feel cheap and less than a tramp – ‘Mais pourquoi?’
You broke her heart and dumped her feelings in ’la Poubelle’
And now she has to leave town and start a new life – ‘C’est la vie’


  1. I'm surprised you didn't use your favorite French phrase 'Je ne sais quoi!' LOL!

  2. Tu sais que je l'aime tant
    Des poemes, tu as acquis la maitrise
    Car il me fait montrer mes dents
    Parce qu'il est plein de betisse

  3. awww......c'est impressionnant!!!!

  4. @Wordsmythe - Excellent! Rhyming in French! I must try that! Seriously though, Pour moi, la vie est toujours des blague. (I hope I got that right!)

    @ Ketchy - merci, tu es tres gentille!


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