Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Who's the crazy one...?

** some actually say this was not an actual Einstein quote, but I’m not so sure....
Those who know me personally know call me crazy. Not because I need to be locked up in a mad-house (although I’m sure a few would disagree!), but because of my ability to infuse humour into almost every aspect of my life. (Sometimes, this is a good thing, but not always...)

Einstein probably had a deeper meaning to this quote, but here's a short list of the things that baffle me about our species.
  • I greet the people I meet, yet most of the replies I get (thankfully, not all!) are grunts 
  • My waiter messes up my order, and yet is upset when I don’t leave a tip
  • I call for a serviceman and the best timeslot he can give me is 8am – 5pm 
  • I go to my doctor’s office for my 10:15 appointment and I have to wait 40 minutes, yet on the occasion that I do get there 10 minutes late, I am told I will need to reschedule my appointment
  • A drug I could use is advertised on TV, yet the list of possible side effects far exceed the potential benefits of the drugs
  • A Reality TV star earns more than a World Renowned bestselling author on a guest speaking appearance
  • Talent is no longer an essential prerequisite for success in showbiz
And the list goes on, making me wonder - who's the crazy one?

But on the other hand, there have been several instances where I have been reassured that no-one is crazy, no-one is insane, we’re just regular people subsisting and looking out for each other.
Here's another short list about things that astound and amaze me about our species.
  • I arrive at a new location and several people genuinely reach out in friendship (sincere friendship, not curiosity!)
  • I am unwell and there’s an entire ‘village’ reaching out to help with prayers, transportation, childcare, food, company
  • I am ‘adopted’ by families during major holidays, because they feel we might be lonely and missing home
  • I am bored, and an equally bored friend, calls me up for some company and laughter
And this list goes on as well....


  1. The mind boggles!
    My baffling things are;
    when people are always late.
    bad-mannered children whose parents smile at them indulgently.
    I can't remember any more right now but there are loads more.

  2. For me the differences your discussing exist most starkly between cultures. I find cultures in more developed nations (for lack of a better word) are more materialistic and in turn more individualistic. Cultures in less developed nations (again for a lack of a better word) are more focused on people and helping each other out as opposed to things.

    That's been my experience out of all the places I have lived and traveled to :)

    But all hope for the developed nations is not gone because It Matters Monday will spread all over the world hehehe.

    Great post.

  3. @ Wordsmythe - I'm sure I can think of a few more...but I didn't want to sound excessively 'whiney'!

    @ the outspoken introvert - I agree it is primarily a cultural thing where some cultures appear to be more focussed on people than things.
    However, it does seem that we are finding more instances of people from less developed nations adopting the more materialistic and individualistic approach, because of the belief that 'if developed nations do it, then it must be right!'

    It Matters Monday will definitely bring everyone back to thinking about the basics - simple kindness to one another. That will take us further than anything, IMHO!


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