Thursday, 21 April 2011

A poem by Shelly

Shelly is one of my regular readers. (Thank you, Shelly for your frequent visits!). She sent me this poem which I've decided to use for today's post.
(By the way, I can confirm that Shelly is definitely of sound mind and was not writing about herself!!)

Hope you enjoy it!

Denial? No!
I’m not crazy,
I don’t need any help,
I’m just going through a hard time,
Everybody has those, right?

I’m not crazy,
I can take care of myself, really,
Believe me, I’m happy,
Nothing’s wrong,

I’m not crazy,
I don’t need a doctor –
Or a home or a hospice,
I can live alone and be independent.

I’m not crazy,
I don’t need your help,
Stop calling here,
I’ve got plenty of support.

I’m not crazy,
I’m not on anything,
I’m not doing anything,
And I’m not seeing anyone!

I’m not crazy.

Shelly, April 2011


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