Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Cloud Girlfriend


Apparently, this is a new startup that creates a 'Cloud Girlfriend' for you on Facebook. The ‘Cloud Girlfriend’ is a virtual girlfriend who sends you public messages on Facebook, ‘deceiving’ your friends into thinking you have a girlfriend.
According to David Fuhriman, the CEO of Cloudgirlfriend.com, she’s the perfect girlfriend.
(Just google Cloud Girlfriend for more info. Their actual website is www.cloudgirlfriend.com)

So here are the steps needed to create your own Cloud Girlfriend according to the website.

STEP 1 - Define your perfect girlfriend. (You create her by picking from several preloaded pictures. They are also working on creating a composite of you and your ‘Cloud Girlfriend’)

STEP 2 - We bring her into existence. (Breathe life into her???)

STEP 3 - Connect and interact with her publicly on your favorite social network (She will be operated by a real person, who can friend and be friended on Facebook, who can post status updates, who can write on your wall)

STEP 4 - Enjoy a public long distance relationship with your perfect girl. (To what gain? She’s not REAL!!!!)

Apparently, Cloudgirlfriend.com is not a porn site(?) or an adult dating site (??) and it will help people manage relationships better, because if people see that you are having this exciting relationship (albeit FAKE) then they’ll think you’re a really cool person and want to date you??!!!

I’m a little confused. Relationships have several traits. I'll mention a few...

- Someone to talk to / connect with
- Someone to touch/hug/kiss
- Someone to read from/write to
- Someone to laugh with
- Companionship

How will it work with the Cloud Girlfriend?
- No IMs, no texting.
- What do you hug/touch/feel/kiss? (the laptop?)
- This will be a really quiet relationship. No sounds, no conversation, just the written word? (Unless CloudGirlfriend is working on voice files that you can replay over and over again – if you feel lonely?)
- She can never go on a date with you. Never be seen in public with you. You can only show her off on your computer screen. (Actually, maybe a lifesize cut-out of your Cloud Girlfriend will work?)

So what happened to :- just walking up to a girl you find attractive/interesting in the library/gym/church/party anywhere and talking to her – nicely/politely – without leering at her or being suggestive?

And why is it so important to have a girlfriend anyway? Why do we feel we need to show the public that we're in a relationship - does this then prove that we are normal?? Why does society feel that you are 'incomplete' unless you are in a relationship?

The one good thing I can see coming out of this application is Job Creation. CloudGirlfriend.com will be creating jobs for all the ‘real people’ who will be managing the ‘cloud girlfriend’ Facebook accounts!

Seriously, people need to step away from their computers and get out more.......Seriously!



  1. I know. Can't wait to see the effect on Facebook when all these 'Cloudgirlfriends' sign up!

  2. haha!!! seriously??? lmao!!

    but yeah, why does the society feel you are 'incomplete' unless you are in a relationship???????? good question!!


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