Monday, 11 April 2011

Honesty is the best policy....

This is a short post to let you know I have nothing to write today.

I could make excuses and say I had a wonderfully busy weekend that completely took up my time and I was too exhausted to write. But that's untrue.

I could waste your time and write a long essay with lots of big words and no meaning - but I need to retain the few readers I have, so I won't bore you by doing that.

I could sit here and keep trying, but after 6 different attempts at starting an essay - I know I have nothing to write.

So I've decided to come clean and confess - I have nothing to write today.

Have a great start to your week!


  1. I came here from theworsmythe, from Lara Daniels. I love this blog post. Thank you for it. You give all of us who write the freedom to take ourselves less seriously. Thank you.

  2. LOL. This cracked me up but I love the honesty.


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