Sunday, 4 September 2011

Promises, promises

I know I've been harping on about the weather for a while now, but it is giving me great concern that we still haven't got a decent shower in so many weeks, months even.

OK, 'Great concern' might be over-stretching my feelings, but I am quite worried, especially when

  • I step out of my house and the hot, blazing sun as well as the humidity in the air hits me viciously. 
  • I look at the dried up brown plants and feel really sorry for them. (I really can't use the word wilted, because that suggests they've still got some moisture in them! That moisture left in July). 
  • I see mirages on the tarred roads
  • I see lots of bloated, exhausted, sticky looking people waiting at the bus-stops for buses. (You know that type of look you have when you are really hot - sweat trickling down your temples, a few random wet patches on your clothes caused by your sweating, perspiration all over your forehead and above your upper lip, your eyes squinting in the sun, despite your sunglasses....) 
  • I read one of my earlier posts written in June and now wish fervently for those 95 degree days...(that would be a cold spell compared to what we've been getting!) 
I also feel sorry for the TV weather men every evening, because you can see that they try so hard to be optimistic and yet the results remain the same. They have become very good at finding creative reasons to explain why it still did not happen!

We started this week with a 50% chance of rain this weekend, and I watched it drop from 50 to 40 to 30 to 20. So far, nothing has happened. We've had lots of wind, but no rain! Not a trickle!
In an ideal world......

Do you think Houston is slowly drying up and will suddenly become like the Sahara desert....


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