Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Of brick walls and open windows....

There are times when life really feels like one is hitting a brick wall constantly.

Nothing is moving ahead, everything appears to have come to a standstill, the news on TV is depressing and the zeal for life has completely evaporated.

Desolation and despair creep in. Deep dark thoughts reign in the mind.

Doom. Gloom.  

Simply put, life has lost its luster.

Try findng the open windows. An open window signifies opportunities and possibilities....

Sitting behind the brick wall isn't going to change anything, but heading out the window might. 

This might not be a conventional window and it might not be one that you would usually look out of (under normal circumstances), but one thing to keep in mind is this - a window provides light and a view to the outside, which the brick wall is currently obstructing.

Be creative with ideas and never lose sight of what you believe could lie beyond the open window.

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