Wednesday, 14 September 2011

We all need a box!

When feeling pressured and rushed for time
When sometimes 24hrs doesn't seem enough
When life seems to be throwing so much at you
And there aren't enough hands to catch it all

Within a box, therein lies a solution
The four corners and lid provide a safe haven
From life's problems and daily upheaval
Within this box, safety is guaranteed

Crawling and hiding sometimes seems feasible
Ignoring that which seems so imposing
Hoping and praying the tension will subside
Because life isn't always easy, this much has been said

To some, it's just a physical box
To others, an exercise in compartmentalization
Putting aside the things that cause strife
Looking ahead to things that bring joy

I think this kid's got it right. Don't you sometimes wish you had a box to crawl into?!

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