Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The power of whinging!

I think my whinging about the weather is finally working.

I woke up this morning, walked out the door and had to pinch myself to confirm that my incessant pining after cooler weather had not inadvertently and subconsciously resulted in my being teleported back to England - the 'cool' place!

What a difference a day makes!
No I am not in England and yes, we are in the 60s! (60 degrees Fahrenheit = 15.5 degrees Celsuis) seems the cooler weather is here (at least for today!)

Who knows, I might actually consider going for a walk in the park, now that it's cooler!

In fact, now that the whinging seems to be working, I do think that I might need to pick another topic to concentrate my whinging powers on. Suggestions anyone?

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