Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Happy 13th Birthday, Google!

Google was 13 yesterday. 13 years since the word Google replaced the word Search.

Happy Birthday Google. You are now officially a teenager!

  • Hopefully no attitude, no bad behaviour and certainly no eye-rolling at the grown-ups (in this case, your faithful customer base!)
  • Hopefully, you'll keep things as simple as they are now and not resort to making elaborate changes to user interfaces and platforms - just because you can.  (Facebook - **Hint)
  • Hopefully, you'll keep bringing back relevant results to your searches and not just random links that have no bearing on the search phrase. 
  • Hopefully, you'll keep providing us with creative, unique and fun 'versions' of your Google logo, showing that the word Google can be spelt using any weird collection of animate and inanimate objects. Click here to see some examples. 
  • Hopefully, you'll keep drawing our attention to important events, dates and birthdays. (By the way, I'll be sending you my details shortly to include in that list!) 
  • Hopefully, you'll keep showing the world that choosing a silly name for a business can actually work! Who would have thought?! 
  • Hopefully when someone types the word 'Relax' or 'Entertain me' in a Google Search window, you will immediately direct them to my super blog (!)

And on a final personal note, I hope that my blog will get to its teenage years too and be part of the world domination brigade that Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple are all known for!

And then, you, my dear reader, can say with pride - 'I've been hanging with this blog for a very long time!'

On with World Domination!

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