Sunday, 11 September 2011


Where were you on this day, 10 years ago? I'm sure most people remember.

I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma and 9 months pregnant. It was a Tuesday morning, my husband had just gone to work and I was pottering about the house - you know, the uneasy calm before you go into labour.

My phone rang and a friend asked me to switch on the TV. And I did. And I saw it.

I personally thought I was watching a movie - it was very surreal, very unreal, certainly impossible to my naive mind - because I simply could not believe another human being (or group of human beings) would seek to wreak such havoc on others.

So much has been said on this topic, so I'm not going to write a really long essay, rather use words to describe my understanding of the feelings and emotions of the people during and post 911.

9/11 and Beyond

The conflagration
The decimation
The damnation
The disruption

The devastation
The confusion
The congestion
The desperation

The emotion
The depression
The lamentation
The trepidation

The situation
The revaluation
The resolution
The determination

The transition
The transformation
The veneration
The commendation

The unification
The glorification
The exaltation 
The population - One Nation Under God.

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