Monday, 26 September 2011

Too 'desperate' for far!

Apologies if you do not watch Desperate Housewives, I'm a huge fan, you see!

Desperate Housewives is back and I've been on Cloud 9 all day
In anticipation of a funny, witty yet satirical script
Gabby, Lynette, Bree, Susan and Renee
And we mustn't forget the husbands and kids!

An anti-climax - that was my first impression
I'd forgotten just how scatter-brained my 'friends' are
And how nothing on Wisteria Lane ever makes sense!
Or maybe I grew a brain over the summer?!

The police officer boyfriend - so trusting and daft
Not to realize that his lady love Bree, was up to no-good?
The car-jacking still has me reeling
Surely I'm not the only one who smelt a rat with that storyline???

(I'm really not buying that story - it's way too simple - PLEASE!!!)

Lynette Scavo - what's going on?
Make up your mind what you really want!
You really can't have your cake and eat it!
Oh, FYI - your kids probably know!

Susan Delfino - you're not in pre-school
Get a grip and defend your stance
You're either with your friends or not at all
But your whimpering behaviour is really irritating!

Gabby and Carlos, kidnapping a priest?!
Surely that will only extend your rap sheet
If you feel that strongly, then please go and confess
Although I firmly believe self-defense will get you out!

Renee, Renee when will you learn
The whole world isn't lining up awaiting your goodies
Have some finesse and show some reserve
You'd be surprised how attractive that can be!

So, we've had the first episode and I'm a tad disappointed
But watch it, I must, cos I love the ladies
I just hope the story gets better and much less batty!
This is your final season - please, please make it pop - for me! 

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