Tuesday, 19 July 2011


What are words?

We all use words in different ways to communicate.
From the minute we open our mouths, our choice of words gives the listener an inkling into our inner personality and what type of person we could be.

Words as Encouragement - when used correctly, words can be a source of encouragement to souls needing succour or validation, helping them realise that the current situation is not a final destination, Bigger goals lie ahead, once we are able to pass through the current crisis.

Words as Self Expression - the words used to describe/express oneself,  your thinking, you. What words are you using to express yourself? Are you portraying the right image? Is that how you want to be seen, remembered?

Words as Pictures - the words used,  describe things. The manner in which some writers describe events and places in their novels is so vivid, that you, the reader, are immediately transported to that place in time with the writer, touching, experiencing the same things that he has just written about. The description is so good, so precise, that even the blind can visualize it.

Silent Words - sometimes words are not necessary. A simple touch, a look, a glance, a hug says it all. (I use this a lot with my children when in public spaces. Our silent means of communication)

Inspirational Words - the words used are enough to move mountains! Preachers, public figures and politicians are experts at this. Such words make people want to aspire to reach for the sky. When used in the right context, words become motivational tools for uplifting weary souls and firing up people to strive to achieve great results.

What types of words do you plan to use today?

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