Tuesday, 12 July 2011

'Dangerous' locations...

Certain locations are seen as dangerous locations. Employees are reluctant to accept assignments to those areas. Sometimes, companies compensate employees by giving them additional incentives (monetary or otherwise) to convince them to accept offers in these locations. 

So what makes a location dangerous?
What we seem to forget is that countries are made of people and most people when pushed, tend to react the same basal (or near primitive) way. It is an intrinsic human characteristic.

Whilst certain geographic regions appear more volatile and unstable than others, such behaviour is never too far from the surface - anywhere in the world. (We have seen several instances in recent years where citizens of developed countries have resorted to demonstrations and rioting in order to have their voices heard, to cope with the pressure of living in their situation. This is no different from the underdeveloped countries). Such behaviour could be traced back to being a direct result of their specific circumstances or situation.

What could these circumstances be?

  • Lack of the basic amenities that make life durable (electricity, water, shelter)
  • Lack of the facilities that help promote good quality of life (schools, hospitals, libraries, churches/mosques)
  • Lack of the infrastructure which is the baseline of a stable economy (good roads and transportation network, trusted politicians and leaders (ok, this is far-fetched, because there is a scarcity, even in the most developed of locations!), good quality policing officers, good telecommunications, thriving and sustainable industries)

There are several other peripheral items that might seem trivial but also help immensely in providing a good quality of life (e.g movie theatres, restaurants, recreational parks). Sadly, because the basic needs have not been met, expanding commerce to include these items seems futile.

So, as a Globetrotting Executive, what do you do when posted to any of these locations?
  • Do as the locals advise and play it safe. 
  • Flashy displays of wealth and possessions only serve to make you a target. 
  • Try to blend as best as possible. 
  • Stick to the major centres. 
  • If you must go out at night, go with a local or someone who is very familiar with the region. 

Whilst it is encouraged to be adventurous and discover your new location, be cautious!

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