Friday, 8 July 2011

Silly Road Trip

I went on a silly road trip recently
One without a prior destination
I jumped behind the wheels
Started up the engine
And went driving along my merry way

I had no destination in mind
But I knew I had to make it fun
With 2 bored kids in the car
And an equally bored adult - myself
It had to be something exciting

So we headed down to the big city centre
Avoiding all the huge trucks on the motorway
We got there in one piece thankfully
You see, I never drive that far anymore
So localized has my life become

When we arrived at the centre
We circled a few streets, just because
We saw the museum and the aquarium
We drove past the Stadium and the Reserve bank
Everyone looked busy - hustling along.

We decided to turn off the GPS
We thought it'd be fun to see how far we could go
Before we got well and truly lost
Funny how you live in a city
But never quite know all the nooks and corners!

We eventually turned the GPS back on
And headed home well fulfilled
It really was such a silly trip
Yet one that helped to alleviate
The boredom of our summer holidays!

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