Friday, 22 July 2011

Blog or Reality TV

Sometimes, I wonder what type of people go on reality TV. What drives them? What is the ultimate goal? Purpose? Benefit?

What would it take to convince me to go on TV and air my - most oftentimes - dirty laundry? (You've got to agree that some of the programmes seen are quite graphic and leave you wondering....Why? Oh why?)

  • Is it the prospect of 5 minutes of fame?
  • Is it the prospect of some monetary benefit?
  • Is it a prospect of a possible career launch? (hoping the show will pivot you into something bigger and better?)
  • Is it a need to share some uniqueness about your specific situation? Share a compelling story?

One wonders....

Some might say that writing a personal blog is a bit like reality TV, because you are talking about things that happen to you, in a public space.

But isn't the major difference between a blog and reality TV the fact that with a personal blog, anonymity is controlled and you can choose exactly how much (or little) you want to share? Spilling vast amounts of personal details is not a pre-requisite to keeping an audience captivated, however 'voyeuristic' we might be becoming.

The absence of cameras and TV crews, as well as personal details - photos, names, places, gender even - helps to keep a blog anonymous.

In this blog, I have tried to be

  • genderless (sometimes I write in a male voice and other times in a female voice, but I'm sure if you read through you can guess where I belong!) 
  • semi-ageless (again, I'm sure you can tell where I belong!) 
  • nameless!

This helps me write - straight from the heart - without feeling I have to watch my words.

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