Thursday, 21 July 2011

Famine in Somalia

Somalia is a country located in East Africa, right there in the horn of Africa, on the edge of the Indian Ocean.

Between the encroaching US debt ceiling deadline and the saga going on with the UK based News of the World newspaper, one might be forgiven for missing the news headlines about Somalia and the famine in that region.

One might also be forgiven for not paying attention (or even feeling inclined to help even), especially as Somalia is notorious for having a huge number of pirates operating off the coast of the country, hijacking boats and holding sailors, tourists and holiday makers hostage.

But we do need to keep things in perspective and remember the following:-

When famine occurs, this means there is a shortage of food for the general population. In Somalia's case, a combination of severe drought and increased strife within the country has led to this aggravated situation. (this country has been in strife since 1992, and also without effective leadership. Many of its citizens have fled to neighbouring countries, seeking safety and a better life).

So far, tens of thousands of people have died already as a result of this famine, and majority of these - poor helpless malnourished children.  (According to the report, in some regions, 6 in every 1000 children, under 5 years of age, die daily...)

How can we help? 
The volatile nature of the region, as well as the complicated political climate,  makes it extremely difficult to get into the area and help.  Here is a link to a web page that lists organisations, currently helping to alleviate the situation in that region through medical assistance, providing temporary refuge and food.

If you feel so inclined, please click on the link above to see how you can help.

Source:- Click here for the full story from Washington Post. 

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