Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A blog is your stage..

In this new world of blogging
I sometimes ask myself why I go blog surfing
Could it be the news
Or the unique expression of views?
Maybe it's the sheer excitement
Of just being on the Internet!

I take my blog surfing rather seriously
On a daily basis, I check them assiduously
Even though I visit most blogs anonymously
My curiousity pushes me to visit religiously
Whilst I don't know many of these bloggers amorously
I'm sure I'd get on with some, famously!

Some bloggers have a specific niche in blogging
I'm afraid that niche is the one thing I'm still seeking
A blog is your stage to say what you're feeling
And that's exactly what I do each day, through my writing
So, if you feel you have loads to say and no-one is listening
Go ahead, start a blog, it gives you a new awakening!

Some blogs are really great
And others, not so up-to-date
Some I really hate
Others I think I was led to, by fate
But there's always one constant recurring trait
On the Internet, there's a blog for every palate!

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