Monday, 16 January 2012

What do these 3 have in common?

Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson

What do these 3 celebrities have in common?

Any ideas....No....Ok....I'll get you out of your misery.

They're all promoting one weight-loss program or another.

Janet is on Nutrisystem
Mariah is on Jenny Craig
Jennifer believes in Weightwatchers

Now I have to say, green goddess of envy aside, these ladies look absolutely amazing!

Which brings me to my muse of the day - I wonder which product Blue Ivy Carter's mum will endorse? (Beyonce is Blue Ivy Carter's mum, by the way)

Some celebrities prefer to launch their own fitness DVDs (Jessica Simpson, Cher, Jordan, Elle McPherson, Geri Halliwell....and the list goes on), so that could be a possibility for Beyonce.

This route seems a fairly simple way to show off the stunning bodies that these celebrities have worked very hard to attain with the help of their nutritionist, fitness instructor/personal trainer, personal chefs, private doctors and all the other personal staff that us mere mortals cannot afford, whilst making some brisk money on the side. (So we buy the DVDs believing that following the instructions on each DVD, religiously for 30 minutes each day will get us the same svelte bodies that they have. Hmmm..)

Not sure which way Beyonce wants to play this, as I'm sure there are still lots of products she could endorse out there, but my only suggestion would be for the Zumba guys contact her ASAP. Somehow, with the colorful costumes and highly intricate, intense and sexy dance steps (pretty similar to her music videos anyway!), that certainly seems well up her street - no?!


  1. There was a very discouraging article in the NY Times Magazine a few weeks ago about weight loss. Sum it up by saying our bodies fight weight loss as a anti-starving device! Not to helpful are you body mine.


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