Saturday, 7 January 2012

Spouses at corporate events....

Yesterday, I had a post up about attending cocktail parties or events alone, where your only connection to the group is your absent spouse.  Events where you have to be polite and well-mannered, be careful what you say or do, because any gaffes might somehow have a direct connection to his next career move... Events where in an ideal world, you would rather not attend, but......

Corporate Spouses at such events fall into different classifications.

a) The super successful wife - Successful in her own right, and her husband is also a high flyer in the company. She looks awesome (super skinny, perfect skin, hair, nails, clothes). Drives a posh car. Her personal career is on track and she lets you know with each sentence starting with the simple phrase 'So because I had to take the day off at work....'

b) The new comers to town - Shy, nursing the glass of wine or cold water like it's a lifeline. Reluctant to make eye-contact. Looking like creatures about to be slaughtered. Usually leaning against a wall or somewhere in the corner. The bartender becomes a close friend, as they try to hold a conversation with him, ignoring their fellow spouses.

c) The veterans - Have been here for a while. Have attended a lot of these events. Are extremely cynical.  Sit in a corner with a glass of wine (possibly their 3rd already) and passing comments of the arriving guests. They are dressed nicely, but not in the same league as Super successful.

d) The new mummys - With young kids in tow, diaper bags in hand. Looking hassled. The ones that are new to town use their kids as a shield for their shyness, the ones who have been here awhile leave their kids running amok - afterall, they are amongst 'friends'.

e) The ethnic 'clusterers' - Grouped by ethnicity or country of origin. Little clusters of people from certain regions sequestered together, enjoying their own private conversation. You want to join, but then you know you will be intruding. God help you if you are from a small country, as the chances of you finding another from your country will be v.e.r.y. slim!

Do you have any other classifications? I'd be curious to find out!


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  2. BIG QUESTION: My corporate hubby tells me that at the corporate event we will be attending next week in Hawaii, that I, a trailing spouse, am REQUIRED to attend the general sessions every day from 8a-1pm. WHAT? WTF?
    Have you EVER heard of such nonsense? I think I may be getting sick and unable to travel.

  3. Seriously??!!! But Hawaii?? Surely you don't want to pass that up?


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