Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Letter to the CEO of Zumba

In an ideal world (one where I am in the present for starters, and certainly not dreaming!), here's the letter I would send to Beto - the Zumba Creator

Dear Alberto Perez,

I thought I should contact you and let you know of a brilliant new business opportunity which I strongly believe will be well worth your time.

Zumba has been extremely successful in recent years and this has been primarily due to the fun nature of the routine - providing remarkable results for your customers in a fun and relaxed setting.

As you know, Janet Jackson is on Nutrisystem, Mariah Carey is on Jenny Craig and Jennifer Hudson believes in Weightwatchers. These are all your competitors.

You probably already know Beyonce Knowles Carter (popularly known as Beyonce). She's an American songwriter, singer, actress and record producer. She is also a fantastic dancer, as you can see from any of her music videos. (Single Ladies is one of my favourites!) 

Beyonce is married to JayZ (Shawn Corey Carter), who is an American rapper, entrepreneur and record producer. The couple recently had a baby girl and I am pretty sure that she would be considering some fitness options to maintain her stunning public persona. (This is customary behavior with celebrities, as they seem to be on a mission to get back to pre-baby weight in the shortest time possible)

Now whilst I am not sure if Mrs Carter has opted for producing her own fitness DVD - as many of her fellow celebrities have done after having a baby - I do believe that contacting her to get her support for your product offerings and your brand, will open up some new business channels for you and your organisation.  (Madonna and Jennifer Lopez are already huge followers and their stage performance style is very similar to Mrs Carter's, hence my suggestion)

Your colorful costumes and highly intricate, intense and sexy dance steps (reminiscent of Beyonce's music videos), is what leads me to the conclusion that this partnership will be a great business opportunity for both of you.

I would love to be of assistance in any way, should you need to draft a marketing strategy for this new venture.


The Globetrotting Executive

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