Thursday, 19 January 2012

REPOST - What's your relationship status?

He checks on her every 5 minutes
Perpetually aware of her every movement
He’s never more than a foot away from her
And when she’s not with him, he feels bereft

He loves it whenever she talks to him
Excitedly absorbing the messages she relays
He gets paranoid when she’s too quiet
And he panics that she's unwell and unable to communicate

Holding her close is his signature stance
It's a fatal attraction - him to her charm
Ever so often, he buys her new toys
More things to make her, more fun and engaging

His whole life revolves around her reactions
Agonisingly waiting for her to give him a glance
Depression sets in when she makes no contact
He feels all alone, without a friend in the world

It’s a sad relationship between this guy and his ....... phone – right?
Wait a second, you didn’t think I was talking about a lovesick teenager / stalker / wierdo – did you?

Or was I??
What's your relationship with your phone?

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