Friday, 6 January 2012

So what does your husband do???

Ever been to one of those events where your only connection to the group is through your spouse but he is unable to attend and you still have to? You have to be on your best behavior because any wrong move could/might impact his career!

Clueless??? Let me explain.

As part of the GT Lifestyle, my husband's company has a very active spousal network and a lot of effort is made to get the spouses together. (primarily women but sometimes, some men turn up)

I usually prepare for these meetings in a specific way.
  • hair - check
  • nails - check
  • clothes/shoes - check
  • confidence - check
  • wash my car until it is gleaming. (you never know who might see you on arrival or departure. Perception is reality.)
  • I have to look my best. Heaven forbid, I arrive there looking shabby and shoddy. I singlehandedly could be pivotal to his next career move, you see! This is my contribution to our continued success! This is my role as his wife, his partner for life! ((you may puke now))
  • ask my husband what he does.
This last point, is the reason for this post. It is my 2 minute elevator speech. This is where I introduce myself - not as myself (I do have a life of my own, but none of that counts in these settings, I find!), but as the spouse of 'xxx' who does 'blah, blah, blah!'.

I ask my husband this for each event and he looks at me oddly. He's probably thinking 'So, you still don't know what I do? Remind me again, how long have we been married??'

I need to know though, because the people I am going to meet will be judging me sizing me up based on his position in the company hierarchy. And you can tell those who immediately think you are not worth their time.

Fast forward to event, and I make my grand entrance. Every spouse looking more successful than the next. All impeccably dressed. All looking affluent.

They approach you because they are judging your book by the cover (you look good, you smell good, you walked in with confidence) and then the following conversation ensues.
Spouse 1 - 'Hi, I'm Carla, you are....'
'I'm GT' all of a sudden, I have gone all hoarse.
Spouse 1 - 'You are?'
Me - 'GT'
Spouse 1 - 'Nice to meet you. How long have you been in this town'
Me - 'We arrived 6 weeks ago'
Like vultures to some new prey, suddenly the crowd around you increases and the much anticipated question comes up.
'So, what does your husband do'
'Erm, he's .....' and I waffle through my well-rehearsed lines...

You can immediately tell who is listening and those who have given up on you. If you finish the description of your husband's job, and you've still got people around you - then you've scored a hit.

Most times, the people just start walking away....

I'll talk some more tomorrow about the clusters of women at such events (by ethnicity/country/lifestyle)


  1. I hate that shit! I used to get it all the time at cocktail parties, not work related, but people always seemed to need to know what you do and where you live so they can put you in a box and decide to continue the conversation or not. I usually told them I lived in the local trailor park and I wrote childrens books!

    You can't do that at work related stuff..Yuck!!

  2. The games women play ehn!

  3. @ Anonymous - Sadly, you can do that at work related stuff....I wish you could at times though!

    @ Nkem - Oh yes!


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