Monday, 19 December 2011

Supervisor is Genius

When was the last time you received really GREAT customer service? 

When you have a problem that requires calling customer service, what is your immediate reaction:-
a) Elation at the prospect of speaking to knowledgeable, friendly, professional people who will fix your problem in record time
b) Fear and trepidation at the complete waste of time that the effort to resolve this issue will take - if at all it is resolved.

Many people dislike calling customer service because of the poor quality of service they receive. It is almost as if, once the product has been purchased, then the individual is truly left bereft, trying to figure out how to fix things. I've had a couple of excruciatingly painful(!) encounters recently, which is why I feel compelled to sound the warning...

The shopping frenzy is on. The shops - warm and well lit, the sales team - very welcoming, the displays - beckoning, the prices - rockbottom (well, some items!). 

It's Christmas season and you feel you need to splurge on your friends and family who have stood by you all year.  


Think carefully about CUSTOMER SERVICE before you swipe that card. If you are not ready for the hassle of a non-responsive customer service team (if something goes wrong), then you might need to rethink how badly you need that item! 

(This has got to be one of my best adverts so far - a skit that describes bad Customer Service implicitly! . 
There's a whole selection of different skits. Check on Youtube for Discover Card - Peggy)

Have a great Monday!

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