Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Is there a 'CLEAN' 4-letter swear word?

Is there a 'clean' word that gives the same amount of joy as that 4-letter word?!

A recent post by a fellow blogger  makes me ponder and consider when it becomes appropriate to use swear words. As she has written, in some situations, a mere 'fiddlesticks!' or 'fudge!' just makes you come across as a wimp, doesn't give enough satisfaction and certainly does not quite do justice to the event that led to the use of the word.

C'mon, I know you've probably used the nasty word in the serenity of your bedroom when you stubbed your big toe! No-one was around, so no-one heard you, but you know you enjoyed saying it!

You just have to read this post...Click here for the post.....and then let me know what you think (well, me or Outspoken Introvert - the post author)

(Outspoken Introvert is a blog I visit regularly because of her quirky, yet raw, honest and engaging way of writing. You can tell it's straight from the heart and has not been 'doctored' for any audience. Hmmm, somehow I don't think she's a politician....)

A few swear words have been used in her article, so if you're extra sensitive to the use of those, do skip today's post and wait for my next super aah-mazing and informative post...sometime....

Have a great day! 


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