Thursday, 22 December 2011



As the end of the year approaches and people start getting friendlier and exchanging greetings,  I am getting confused over how to greet people this season.

I'm sure there are theology scholars who can provide us with information leading up to the EXACT date and time of the birth of Jesus Christ  - which incidentally is the reason why we celebrate Christmas and not the end of year bargain shopping frenzy or even the crazy gift giving. Some of these scholars even say there is no way it could have happened on December 25th, if we look at the signs properly.

And that's ok. But here's what I know - Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December and has been for quite a few years - centuries even.

So how come it is suddenly wrong to wish people Happy Christmas in 2011? Why do some people find it so offensive when you say Merry Christmas to them?

I appreciate that there are other religious celebrations taking place at that time of year and those groups also want recognition, but when I say "Happy Christmas", it is just a greeting. It's not an insult or a mark of disrespect for any other religion or group and it's not disregarding what you stand for.

Greeting in this manner does not mean I expect you to come worship with me (although it would be nice if you would!), it just means that I am wishing you a very Happy Christmas. Simple! 

It's quite simply a greeting - celebrating the event taking place at this time of the year. Pretty much like Happy New Year, Happy Easter, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy New Month (yep, some people greet that way too!), Hello.

Freedom of speech (and expression) is a good thing, but please do not touch Christmas!

Have a very merry Christmas.

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  1. Should the Chinese be offended when we say Happy New Year, since their NewYear doesn't necessarily fall on the 1st of Jan?


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