Thursday, 1 December 2011

A moment on the lips

As Party Season approaches
I struggle to fit into my glam clothes
I think back with regret
Of all the mistakes of the past year.

I did have good intentions.
I went to the gym often enough (does once a month count?).
I had the right gym clothes (although I refused to notice when I kept getting them in bigger sizes).
I ran a 5k each day (in my mind, whilst lying in bed!)

And now the moment of reckoning is here.
It's party season and I have nothing to wear!
Do men feel the same way
Or does a smart suit really cover all?

Some wise words for all of you out there.
It is true what they say.
A moment on the lips,
Is truly - a lifetime on the hips!



  1. i think all the cookies that went thru my lips have all gone to my!!!

  2. Is that ever true. Check out my friend's page Work it Out. She is challenging us to do 100 reps of anything per day until New Year. I think mine will be 100 chews per day ;-0


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