Saturday, 17 December 2011

REPOST - Do you watch TV?

I watch TV.

There, said it!

Some people choose not to watch TV because they say it’s a complete waste of time and there’s nothing to be learnt from it. I truly can’t say I blame them, if we go by the deluge of Reality TV shows that are constantly being aired. Pray tell, WHAT is so intriguing about watching people make complete fools of themselves?

Some admit to not watching, but just need the noise from the TV as background noise. These people could easily substitute the TV for the Radio, because it’s just the noise that they seek.

Some people admit to watching TV but say they only watch the news.

Some people admit to watching TV, but only on the weekend.

Some watch all the time.

I watch TV, but my style is rather unconventional.

I love watching comedies, but really struggle to watch anything continuously for more than 30 minutes. (Not sure why, but I think deep down, I feel guilty that I am not doing something more fulfilling and rewarding within that time). This way of thinking therefore limits me to 30 minute episodes of comedies. I don’t feel guilty and I get to laugh. Laughter is key to me and how I live my life.( I read somewhere that the average person laughs about 13 times a day. How so? My friends and I far exceed that number each day, every day!). I also watch Game shows because they challenge your mind, in the wierdest way possible. Yes, it’s trivia but still a brain workout!

I do not enjoy watching crime / detective programmes (Law and Order, CSI sorry). Surely the news provides enough of that in true living colour? I also do not enjoy watching sports and I have absolutely no interest in documentaries about past wars, history of the world etc.

I never sit to watch TV, just like that. I must multitask while watching TV – do the dishes, fold the laundry, pay the bills or read a magazine (yes, it is possible to watch TV and read a magazine). I admire those who can fully relax in front of the TV and do nothing else but watch the box. Impressive, but that’s not my style.

So, do you watch TV? What do you watch? How do you watch?

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  1. I watch about a thousand hours a week. I watch while I read, I watch while I blog, I watch while I eat, I constantly watch, However I only watch the news or PBS. Everything else is just crap!

    Except for maybe "Deadliest Catch", "Survivor", every old sitcom, "Top Chef", "Housewives of Anywhere", "Storage Wars", anything sports.....

    Cranky Old Man


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