Sunday, 8 August 2010

Winding down...

We're nearly there. I can't believe it. Less than a month to go. So much to do, so little time.

School closed a couple of weeks ago and my kids had to say goodbye to everyone. It also coincided with my own last day at work, so all round, a very emotional evening for everyone.

How do you say goodbye? It's never really easy, is it? Not when you've thoroughly enjoyed yourself, met some of the world's most amazing people, shared some deep moments with good friends (would you believe that 5 years ago they were total strangers!) and generally spent a decent chunk of your life here. For me it was 12.5% of my life, for my kids it was over 50% of their lives! Oh yes, 5 years is a long time!

I promised myself I wouldn't cry on my last day at work. Well, I did! But somehow, I did not feel bad about showing my emotions. They are a good bunch and I will miss them. The world is too full of people trying to be strong and withholding emotions and frankly, I just needed to be true to myself on that day! So, I wept.

My kids had the same experience. They both walked into school with high spirits and bright smiles in the morning when they were dropped off, and returned in the evening sad and morose. They had said their goodbyes to all their friends and suddenly realised that they would not see some friends ever again. How sad! Thankfully, with communication (email, facebook, telephone, skype), they can keep in touch.

I've also had a couple of 'winding down' social events with close friends. Relaxed informal events with lots of laughter on the surface but a measure of sadness underneath, because we know this is the end of this phase of our friendship. Unless they move our way or we move back this way, we're fully reliant on technology!

Sometimes, I wonder if men have the same feelings as we do regarding goodbyes and transitions. My husband's transition into Houston will be a bit milder than ours, because he has the comfort of the organisational structure which he is already familiar with (it's his job that's transferring us, you see).

On the exterior, it seems like it is business as usual for him, but I could be wrong? Do you think men handle transition better? Or do they just blank it out?

What do you think? Are men just better at keeping their emotions contained???



  1. I can imagine how emotional this period was for you guys. There are too many people with repressed emotions taking out their frustrations by stabbing, strangling and the many other deviant ways they find release instead.
    Crying is good for the soul; as long as it isn't overdone.

    As for men and their emotions, who can tell what goes on in the heads/hearts? I guess because they are more goal-oriented, thy tend to focus on the goal rather than the incidentals. That's not to say he won't miss his friends here.

  2. I agree with you!
    Men - seeming tough exteriors, but soft centres. I think he misses his pals and is always excited at the prospect of a trip back to England.

    I did cry, but kept it decent - no loud wailing, hands on head, dribbling from the nose, bleary red eyes - none of that!


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