Monday, 23 August 2010

It's here!!!

Today is move day.

I'm so not ready for this, but somehow I didn't think I would ever be.
You see, over the last few weeks, I've had holiday makers over, so naturally, I slowed down my progress, so I could enjoy the time with them.
Alas, to my detriment, there's so much stuff now around the place, and lots of boxes I never got round to looking at.

I've had

  • a cup of strong peppermint tea (to calm me down)
  • a dose of Zyrtek (to take care of the potential stress!)
  • a slice of buttered bread (to give me energy)
  • a dose of my favorite TV programme of the moment - Desperate Housewives!
  • some quiet time with myself and my creator (to keep me focussed and Him in control)

I'm going to start packing the clothes that will actually go on the flight with us. Houston is warmer than London, so I guess I won't be needing the fleeces just yet (but I'll take one each - just in case....)

It's wierd. I've fully dedicated the last 3 weeks trying to sort everything out, and yet, it still feels like I've not done anything! I wonder if this is my over-critical self kicking in...

  • Kitchen - 85% done
  • Master Bedroom and children's room - 50% done
  • Spare Bedroom - 0% done!
  • Living rooms - 80% done
  • Garage - 50% done

Let me see, if these were GCE results, would I get into Oxford / Havard / Cambridge with these scores????? Doubt it.....

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