Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Still at it..

The beauty of an expat relocation is that most of the stuff is done for you. The company finds you a job in the new location, the company arranges for your visas / work authorisation in the new location, the company arranges for the movers to transport you, the company connects you to people who will help with the househunt, the company provides advice on schools etc.

That being said, you will need to do loads of stuff yourself. So what have I acheived so far, how much progress has been made? Have I written a list yet??? Does it even feel like we are moving abroad?

I find I am not very good at writing lists. I have a mental idea of what needs to be done, but just no compulsion to sit down and write it.

School breaks up in a couple of days, so at least the summer holidays are here.
What's on the list:-
- tell the school DONE
- tell the agent that you are vacating the property DONE
- tell the guys at work DONE
- decide on new schools DONE
- decide on new neighbourhood

- plan for and attend the visa interview DONE
- plan for leaving parties (yours, your friends)
- plan for movers to provide moving estimates DONE
- plan for a skip and have a massive clearout
- plan for medical examinations

- think about new location finances / budget (rent, car, utilities, food...)

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  1. It would appear you did get everything sorted in the end!


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